Your State National Status:
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No. Social Security is a private annuity contract. You will still have the rights and benefits available to you.
No. Since technically you were never a citizen, you have not renounced anything. In the questionairre filled out where it asks "Have you ever renounced your citizenship", you would answer "No". Also, you can use your passport as identification, instead of a Drivers License, or state issued identification.
Unfortunately, since currently Washington DC is considered a foreign country to the Republic, you will need to move to a state of the Republic, and just like anyone moving to the united states Republic from a foreign country, you must be on the land and soil of the Republic for 7 years, to obtain naturalization into the union. 

Short answer: Yes

The point of the passport process is to identify with the State Department that you have changed your status, and that they need to update the background information on your passport as such.

When handing in the passport application, you are doing 2 things.


  1. You are filling out the DS-11 new passport application leaving all areas mentioning that you (or your parents) are a U.S. Citizen, unchecked.


  1. You are including a copy of your Affidavit of Repudiation with your application as evidence that you are a State National.


If you have a valid passport, or it has expired within less than 5 years, We recommend you fill out the passport form DS-64 "Lost or Stolen Passport". If you try to surrender your expired passport, they will try to push the DS-82, the passport renewal application. They may even get pushy and say they wont accept a DS-11, or that the DS-82 will save you money. The problem with the DS-82 is they leave all checkboxes off of stating you are not a U.S. Citizen. So by filling this out, they will assume you are.

Also, if your passport is currently valid, and you try to surrender it, they will just get confused, and push back on you. Again, in this scenario, we recommend you claim it is lost with the DS-64 form.


Since you have lived in the country for 7 years, you are considered naturalized.

No. Those will not change

No, you have earned those. Those will not change


Any notary can sign and stamp your documents. The notary language on the document is what determines what type your notary is. 

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