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A community of current and upcoming American State Nationals.
What is an American State National?
When you were born, you were born on the soil of America. You were a State National, as you were not incorporated, nor a citizen of the corporate UNITED STATES. Because of the deception and fraud of the US corporation, your mother was given the assumption that she had to fill out a Birth Certificate, to officially give you a name. What she wasn't told is that the Birth Certificate is considered a Security Instrument. When she filled it out, she signed her name in a box labeled "Informant". Look up what an informant is.
What is an informant in law enforcement?
Why is the area of a hospital called a "Maternity Ward"?
What is a "Ward of the State"?
Did you know the government considers you a dead entity, lost at sea? This happened when you were "registered" through the Birth Certificate.
Did you know that because the government is a corporation that all crimes are commercial?
A government cannot be a corporation, and a corporation cannot be a government.

Your whole life you believed you had to register everything. You believed you had to have a Social Security Number. You believed you had to pay taxes.

It is all a lie, deception, and a way the US corporation is controlling you.

Learn about how to reclaim your rights that are already yours. Learn how to bring your living breathing soul out from sea, and back to the soil. Learn about how to take dominion over your 3 jurisdictions, and claim your minor estate.