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Privacy Policy

Who we are?

True patriots helping each other getting back to the land. You are not a vessel lost at sea. Come back to the land with us!

What information do we collect?

You will choose a unique username, and we do collect your email, for purposes of emailing notifications. We can also collect your phone, if you wish to receive text notifications. You are responsible for choosing am uncommon password that you have not used in any other place. We collect your gender for purposes of showing an avatar for your user, according to your gender.
No financial information is collected, nor will ever be. Do not give out personal information such as financial information or passwords.
Some of the auto-generated documents do ask for personal information, like social security number, birth number, etc, but none of that information is stored within our system. We use SSL for handling transmission of sensitive data, so whatever information you provide is secure.

How do we use personal information?

Data is collected for purposes of identifying who you are, and identifying you among the platform. Your data is not shared nor sold. Your data is backed up daily, just for in the case of site malfunction, but is never used outside of the platform.
We have features within the website for auto-generating some documents, but none of the highly sensitive information is saved, tracked, or sold.
We do not save sensitive information within our website, nor our database storage.

When do we share personal data?


Where do we store and process personal data?

Your data is stored in a 3rd party cloud storage service where this data does not have direct access to the public. Secured keys and SSL protect your data from malicious use.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

Once you delete your account, all backups of your data are removed entirely within 7 days

How to contact us?

Use the contact form with the site.