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Terms of Use

Last Updated: 7/27/2021

1- General Terms of Use.

This site reserved for current State Nationals, or those working towards changing their status.
All others are not permitted to use this site for any other purposes.
By using this site, you agree that your membership into the community can be terminated at any time for any, or no, reason. I understand that I may terminate my membership at any time, and that all data saved during the time of my membership will be immediately deleted, and that I may not be able to recover my data at a later time.
Everyone new to this process is recommended on joining and getting the videos available for purchase through this site, or attend a seminar in your area
Only those who are State Nationals or working on becoming one, are allowed in this group.
You are not authorized to promote your business outside of designated content areas, without express written consent.

2- State Assemblies

This site has no affiliation with the state assemblies, nor does it wish to. Any member referring other members to the state assembly process will receive a stern warning about brigning up such topics. Further referrals will result in a permanent ban from the community. We follow a specific process for changing your status, and taking dominion over all 3 jurisdictions. The state assemblies only deal with a single jurisdiction, and their members get in trouble, thinking they are protected. If you happen to get into trouble, be prepared to not receive any support from members within the assemblies.
I do not recommend anyone join the state assemblies. If you disagree with that, tough.

3- Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.